Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Fortunate Fortunes

Today is quite possibly the only time that I ever get amazing fortune cookies. I'm not saying I believe in fortune cookies, but today I got some pretty interesting ones. One of them really got me thinking though. It said:
You stand in your own light. Make it shine.
I know i don't stand in my own light, but it's the second part that struck me. "Make it shine," it says. I try so hard. I want so badly to shine. There is so much gunk on this mirror that i can barely see who I am, much less shine. Am i trying so hard to look past all the grime that I don't realize i need to clean off the mirror to shine the light? I guess I was.
I am definitely excited about going to unt next year. Hopefully I'll be living in maple hall where I hope to shine. I have already registered for classes. They are the following:

ART 1440.001 Design I; Wed 1-1:50 PM; Lab: Tues, Thurs 10-11:50 AM; Instructor: Sally Packard.
It's apparently a design class. I have no idea what kind of designing i'll be doing. I'll make the best of it.
ART 2655.502 B&W Photography II; Tues, Thurs 3-5:50 PM; Instructor: Brent Phelps.
Since I took B&W Photgraphy I at utd, I assume this is the next course. I will have to see what happens as a result of this. I might have to take the first class again, though I doubt it.
ENGL 3140.003 Inter Creative Writing (Fiction); Tues 6:30-9:20 PM; Instructor: TBA.
Hopefully this is as good a class as the one here at utd. if you want to read any of my stuff you can request a copy via the comments.
PSCI 1040.001 American Government; Mon, Wed, Fri 9-9:50 AM; Instructor: Gloria Cox.
People said she was crazy, so what the heck. Gotta make it count.

That's not all I have to say today, but that's all i want to post.

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