Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Daily 005, originally released 06/08/07

Today is perhaps the first comic I was really happy with. This is perhaps because I like the art and the narrative.
Today's comic took a while to think of and draw. I broke a couple of pens and came to the conclusion that pigma microns are really crappy liners. My trusty Staedtler came through though. And here is the first multipanel Daily, far better than any of the previous strips (in my opinion).
Oh yeah, I had something else to say. Working withing 3"x7" space is really challenging. Not only must I steady my head to make good linework, but actually fitting everything I have to say within that small rectangle takes alot of thinking and brainstorming. I am benefitting from this exercise!

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Daily 004, originally released 06/07/07

This is one about the part of my dream when I couldn't let go of the things that drug me away. Those balloons carried me so far.
Original text:

"Thank you for all the kind messages and notes! I've been encouraged to keep this up. I'm glad you've enjoyed the last few strips, though they were really not my favorites at all. Thanks! Here's today's comic:

Single panel comics are too easy, as in they are not challenging me to find creative ways to tell short yet complex narratives. Also my attempts to make non-seqiutor strips add to the complications. I will attempt multi-panel comics soon, maybe even tomorrow."

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Daily 003, originally released 6/06/07

This is about when I started working at Starbucks. I swear this really happened!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Daily 002, originally released 06/05/07

This is about little things with big meanings and history attached to them. Besides that, only one other person would really know what it is about.
Original text:

"Yeah, these comics are rather trite and contrived. This is the point of this excercise: to develop a stronger writing style and to develop strong imagery and art. Here's todays strip.

Maybe I should give myself a 30 minute time limit on drawing and inking the art. I wrote this one in a really short time, too, without much thought, when I saw the little black spider."

Friday, August 24, 2007

Steve Hamaker, color artist for Jeff Smith, tutorials

Steve Hamaker works on coloring pages for Jeff Smith, and he's amazing at it. He has recently posted the first video in what he plans to be a series of video tutorials on YouTube. It's an informative short with the basics for digitally coloring a traditionally produced comic (i.e., paper and ink). He explains the relationship between the linework, the importance of black and white versus grayscale, and the color, explaining the effectiveness of working in layers. A good intro to coloring in you need a place to start.

The Daily 001, from 06/04/2007

The thing I remember when I first wrote this comic was that I felt ostracized, looked down upon. Yeah, kinda depressing, but I made this little thing.
Original text:

"I'm trying to get into the habit of disciplining myself is several aspects of my life. One of them is my drawing and writing. To solve this issue, I have started a new strip simply entitled, "The Daily," in which I will draw and keep memoirs. So far, it's conceived as a non-sequitor, but that might change, as does daily life.


Obviously publishing on Facebook notes will decrease the quality of the image, so I will work on formatting it so that it does look so bad...
I guess you can click on it to make it bigger."

After a long hiatus, I bring comics!

Here's the deal. Sporadically throughout the summer I wrote a comics I called the daily. You might be asking yourself, "Sporadically? Daily? Sporadically daily???" Yeah, it started out as a daily offering mostly as a practice of my writing and my art. However, busy-ness kicked up and I was struggling to write and draw and sleep at some point during the week, so it tapered off as the summer drug on. But, in an attempt to be productive (rather, to seem productive, as I have been working on several story lines, that in hindsight hinders my productivity) I am posting all of them here daily as an archive. As an added bonus, I will throw in the original commentary of the piece PLUS a retrospective commentary. Like a DVD set! The first one in a few minutes!!!