Tuesday, September 13, 2005

To All Who Care to Listen.

Everything on this planet, in this solar system, in this universe, and any other universes that might exist stays together because there exists a God with infinite power and wisdom. He keeps every electron spinning and knows exactly how fast it is going and exactly where it is. He keeps every proton in the nucleus, every string that makes up each particle, and every sublevel below that in existance. He is the law that makes atoms attracted to each other. He is in the space between everything that exists and is also in everything that exists. His presence is ever pervading. Why is it that we don't believe that anything is possible. Sure, we can say it, but do we believe with our hearts? Do we have faith? God incarnate, our Saviour Jesus Christ, said that if we had the smallest amount faith we could tell mountains to uproot themselves and they would. He said were to be doing things much greater than he ever did. He said faith in Him (God) is all it takes. Look at us today. We worry about getting to the next paycheck, we worry about the grades we will make in classes, we worry about the school we will make it into, we worry about getting where we are going. Why is it that when the Lord we believe in tells us we are meant for greater things that even He did that we get caught up in all this mundane noise? He said that if even the flowers of the field are dressed and the birds get their fill, why not we, who are God's prize creation, will be even more taken care of. I have a challenge for all of us. Christ gave us this one order. The greatest one. Love the Lord with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself. Heart, Soul, Mind. Heart: All of our feelings should be of love towards our God. Mind: All our thoughts should focus on his infinite love for us. Soul: The essential core of what makes us human should know God is what keeps us, and love him. It doesn't say "love the lord with all your soul, but with your mind you should worry about the next paycheck, and with your heart you should worry about finding a wife." No! Everything that we want will come afterwards. Not as rewards for our love for him, but as gifts we don't deserve. I have a challenge for all of us, including myself. We have the power Christ gave us to do even more than he did. We have this commandment of love for Him, and love for others. What if we did just that. Every moment of everyday this week give Him praise for everything. In our minds, we will know he is the keeper of everything. This is to be our only thought. In our hearts, we are to know that he loves us deeper than any love we can find here on earth. In our souls we are to be devoted to searching out his infinite wisdom. Even for a day, if we can, to truly love Him with all that we are, will give us the faith to get through anything. It also enlightens us to realize that we are not put here for ourselves, but for him. For His glory. How will we glorify Him? By loving our neighbors as ourselves. We have the need to eat, to drink, for shelter, for love. We give all this to ourselves, but when we look besides us, we don't worry about other people. Take a look again. Are you loving those around you as yourself? I know I fail at this time and time again. But let's all try for at least one day. We will have faith to make mountains move. We can literally change the face of this world. In the deserts streams will flow and life will grow. I believe in the literal power of Christ. I believe he meant for us to do so much more that what we have been doing. Let's try it for a day. He gave us his word that we can do it, much as he gave us his word, and we came into existance. I know I will try everyday.

This is what I believe. Ask me about any questions you may have.


john said...

You meeting a lot of cool people down at UNT I bet! TTYL bro

sarah said...

How can you care for every person on the planet if you cannot even imagine every person on the planet?

p.s. does that mean you love Chachi?

Abby Helman said...

I stumbled onto your site from Wismer's and I just wanted to let you know that I thought your last entry was beautiful. You speak bery powerfully of truth. God bless