Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Another Rant

Today I will rant about the objectivity of women in today's society. In particular, I will bash the AXE company, since it has been brought to my attention that their advertising not only puts men in a fantasized control over women, but that this power is granted by a spray which can be bought at the store for about five dollars. Are there really men out there who think this way? Are there really women out there who let themselves be portrayed in this way? Why don't the good guys and girls say anything about this? Why is this company putting out commercial after commercial? Are there people actually buying this product for the reason that it was portrayed? Are there people who buy this product, despite of the way it is advertized? Why support this product, and this portrayal of women as an object? I don't know about you, but I know I will not purchase this product, or any other product which degrades the equality of man and woman. That is all.


a ladybug of indifference said...

Yes, it objectifies women, but this isn't the first or the last time. It's been portrayed throughout our society and throughout history from the beginning. Kinda sad really, but it's not going to change anytime soon.
Anyways, the commercials only portray the woman as being interested in the man, and leaves the rest of the story up to your imagination. Plus, smell IS a factor that women think is important.
If you go to the website, they have a link to the site, two guys who try out various pick-up lines to see what works. I think it's educational for some and funny to others.

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Anonymous said...

right on, sister.