Friday, August 24, 2007

After a long hiatus, I bring comics!

Here's the deal. Sporadically throughout the summer I wrote a comics I called the daily. You might be asking yourself, "Sporadically? Daily? Sporadically daily???" Yeah, it started out as a daily offering mostly as a practice of my writing and my art. However, busy-ness kicked up and I was struggling to write and draw and sleep at some point during the week, so it tapered off as the summer drug on. But, in an attempt to be productive (rather, to seem productive, as I have been working on several story lines, that in hindsight hinders my productivity) I am posting all of them here daily as an archive. As an added bonus, I will throw in the original commentary of the piece PLUS a retrospective commentary. Like a DVD set! The first one in a few minutes!!!

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