Sunday, November 11, 2007

DANG IT! I missed SketchCrawl Again!

Okay guys (ESPECIALLY YOU, ATEC PEOPLE!!!), I want to organize a meeting for the next SketchCrawl. If you don't know what it is, go to their website and see. If you like to draw, fancy yourself a drawer, or just like to doodle stuff you see, this is for you!
Since we missed the latest SketchCrawl, we have about 2 months to organize one for the Dallas area! What does this mean? It means that if we want to participate in this world wide event, we need to know who out there is interested. ATEC (or AP or AH) people, you would probably enjoy doing this! And if we can get a group to just hang out and sketch during the next sketchcrawl, that would be amazing (and probably really fun!).
I know this is fed to my facebook notes, so if any of you ATEC (or other art majors) are interested, leave a note comment (here or facebook) or send a message. If there is any interest, we'll start a facebook group.

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