Friday, June 24, 2005

Sometimes you have to get away...

I'll be going camping this weekend. Hopefully I will get some good pictures and a nice time of relaxation. Something is bound to be interesting enough for the camera. I'll let you know.
Also I have come to realize the meaning of it. I know what to do. I don't know how though. Life makes alot of sense when viewed from the right perspective.
Something that doesn't make sense to me is (or rather it makes sense, but it makes me really sad) that all of us come from the same original humans. It doesn't matter if you believe in creation of evolution, we all come from two original humans. The thing is, even though we are all related, we don't always treat or fellow humans as equals. I am guilty of this. I either put myself above others or put myself so down that I grow angry at others for being so above me. It makes sense to me that we are all called to be humbled and to put others before us, but when it doesn't happen, when not everybody does it, society ends up like it is right now. We have the rich eating the flesh of the poor as they toil away to give the middle class what they want. It is not fair. I am guilty of this. But this is not what is supposed to be going on. Capitalism is only better than socialism because doctors get paid to save lives, because engineers amass fortunes inventing technology that not only is useless in furthering the thoughts and mind of people, but rather slowly cripples mankind. In socialism nobody helped anybody because there was nothing to profit. But the flaw was not in the system. The flaw is in the person. When we learn to not live our lives seeking to profit from every endevour, we will see that a society of equality without social ranks is really what is best for mankind. I know that this is not possible in the world as it is today. I know that every human being has to not look to improving himself but to improving those around him. When everybody is doing this, the world will be a fantastic place to live in. No more war, no more hunger, no more sadness. Think about it: A world where everyone supports everyone else doing what they were born to do with the skills innate to each person. This is the key to the utopia we have all been searching for but have not found: Selflessness. That is it. That is all I have to say.


Anonymous said...

Don't we as people need to be satisfied with ourselves before we can go to help others? If we do not feel that we have reached our full potential or that we are not good enough for one thing or another then how are we going to help someone else? You don't need to be completely selfless to help others, but a kind word or nice gesture to someone can go further than you realize.

the youthful boy below said...

Yeah, we have to start somewhere.