Thursday, August 10, 2006

Coming to a Blog Near You!!

My latest endeavor into the realm of the arts has been one that I've been wanting to do for a while, but only until a few days ago had the time and funding to start. Well, half start.
I recently started creating graphic short stories (as in comics, not the bad kind of graphic) based on my short stories I've written over the last couple of years. That's only half of the project, however, as the other half is creating a comic that I update regularly. This probably will not go up until I have made several episodes, after which I will have gotten the hang of making them, and will be able to post them twice a week and keep up with the production of new episodes. This, of course, involves time to write, time to storyboard (or plan a layout, since comics are pretty much fully fledged storyboards), pencil, ink, scan, and color in photoshop. I expect this to take up a large portion of my time, which unfortunately, still being in school (one more year!!), i might not have enough of. Also I lack a scanner and a copy of Photoshop (both of which I plan to buy as soon as I recieve money from the school).
Also, on my lists of projects (forced upon me, but which I will complete fully willingly) are the assignemts for the two photography classes which I am taking. I am in the process of buying a large format camera (also waiting for school money), which will be an excellent way to be able to divide my time between the two classes. I hate having to take out an unfinished roll of film because I need to change from color to black and white, or vice versa. So expect great things from those projects as well.
Third on my plate for this fall session, I will be writing poetry. I plan to incorporate this poetry into both my other projects (if it is any good, I have not taken a poetry class before, except what we went over in middle and high school for a week each year). There will be photographs based on my poetry, and maybe even comics based on it. I guess we will have to wait and see.
This, along with work at Mad Science, is probably all I will have time for this fall. I don't plan on socializing much, unless of course I meet a special lady, in which case be prepared for works inspired by her as well. But until further notice, all works will be inspired by my ex, Sarah Ferguson. Yep, the Dutchess of York. Nothing like a little heart break (coupled with a few martinis, or course) to get the creative process rolling.

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