Thursday, August 10, 2006


Have you ever had an album that when you listen to it, it is as if the artist was writing the soundtrack of your life? Everytime you listen to it (which is as often as possible), you find yourself relieved that someone's situation is the same as your own. And you listen to it over and over. As soon as you buy it, you listen to it on the way home, and at home, you put the cd on your computer and let it play on repeat. As you fall asleep at night, you let it lull you to sleep. And in the morning, it is the first thing you hear, and it invigorates you, whatever the songs may be about, whatever you have been through, this constant reminder of that event that affected you so deeply, a death, a break up, the music helps heal you. You realize that someone else has been through this, and you feel comforted by the fact that your heart is not the only broken one. Do you have an album like that? A song which captures your soul?

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