Thursday, March 10, 2005

it's true, it does sound like a train

sometimes life can seem like it's all going in one direction. but stop. no, really, stop. look around you. look behind you. look below you. there is no track. those are dotted lines that society wants you to follow. don't keep moving because you think you hear a train on the tracks. that noise is people lying to you. telling you to get a career, telling you to think like everyone else, telling you to keep in line until the day you die. don't believe them. free yourself and as many as you can. as cliche as it may sound, stop and smell the roses. don't be persuaded by what may seem like a happy life, but instead find out for yourself what makes you happy.


Anonymous said...

It's true. Every word of it. But actually doing that is so incredible hard. It is not in our nature to slide down the "standard of living" scale. It scares us, keeps us trapped, and keeps us from being as happy as we can be.

the youthful boy below said...

hey, leave a name so i know who comments. i agree with you though. it can be hard sometimes. especially when caught in the whirlwind of "progress."