Wednesday, March 23, 2005

life's biggest problem

selfish people who don't realize that they are selfish people. i would say you know who you are, but you don't. you're too caught up in yourself to even know you hurt the people around you. you think you are a perfect person with perfect goals, but you could not be wronger. don't even try to tell me you are not selfish. you are. ask people who know you. you think you have many friends, but take off the mask you wear around everyone and you'll find yourself lonely. i hope you realize what you are doing before you find yourself all alone. but trust me, if you don't change, you'll end up washed up and sad. in all honesty, selfish people are mean jerks. i could say more but you probably stopped reading already.


selfish said...

Aren't we all?
I know I am.
I recognize it.
My actions usually point to me.
Look at me.
I want you to see me.
Its human nature.
We all want to be seen...
by someone, something.
Doesn't really matter.
Don't know why.
I try so hard not to.
But time and time again I fail.
I am imperfect.

John said...

its so true...I hate selfish people. Today in church got me thinking. We should forgive even though we know its hard. read my xanga and you will understand.

Sarah said...

i'm saddened you feel that way. you are partly right. but what can you define as a friend?

like the poem above, i believe everybody is selfish because we want to live.
But there is such a thing as "rational selfishness" or "rational self-interest". You should read some of Ayn Rands' books about the philosophy of Objectivism.
"Fountainhead" is my fav. book.