Friday, March 11, 2005

this accursed astygmatism

don't quote me on the spelling. what is there to say when you have seen nothing or heard nothing? you can't talk without listening to speech. you can't talk about things you haven't seen. you need to be informed and educated. but don't take my word for it, figure it out yourself.

"don't give up fighting until nothing else gets in your way. don't give up talking until there's nothing left to say. no matter what you do, don't ever compromise what you believe"


Anonymous said...

hey! its working! im really hungry and we just had food delivered so im gonna go eat now. i can write a better comment on some later day when im feeling more inspired. Ciao!

the youthful boy below said...

mmmm, food. congratulations on being the first commentator. more people should do it. soon. you know who you are.

La Negro Micah said...


Anonymous said...

Hrmmm....this is me commenting. Well, the sad truth is people talk like no other without being educated or informed. It's the basis of many opinions. But yeah, if you feel strongly about something, you shouldn't have to compromise, but at the same time you should open up your eyes. Who knows, maybe you'll be informed.

Well, I should go read for criminal class. Peace dude.