Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I got your letter...

I don't know exactly why I am here, but I know I am not here on accident. I know that everything I have done and everything that has happened that seemed out of control was really all planned out. Nothing happens that wasn't meant to happen. Nothing doesn't happen what was not supposed to happen.
It is nearing Christmas break of my sophomore year in high school. In my french class, my teacher, Ying Smith, makes an announcement about a special school dedicated to bringing out the best of mathematically and scientifically inclined students. I was really not interested. My life was monotonous, but quite frankly, I didn't care. I had a friend in that french class. He was probably the only kid I ever hung out with outside of school. Ben Keechi: a mathematically and scientifically inclined kid. He convinced me to apply with him to the Texas Academy of Math and Science. I really did not want to go, and the only reason I even considered it was because I would be losing my only buddy. I conferred with my parents. At first I could tell they were hesitant: losing their first boy two years before they had planned, but the school was paid for by the state. It was economically sound, but they didn't want me to leave. Being only 15 years old, I naturally did some rebelling and convinced them to let me try. So I applied and I was accepted in May, after being on the wait-list.
But that's not where things started. You could say they started when I was born. If you want to go further back, you could say that they started when my mom and dad met. This story really doesn't have a beginning, but I am hoping that it has a happy ending. The point of this random post is this:
Nothing is an accident. If everything was coincidence, there would be no meaning in relationships, friendships, trials, hardships, or the good times. Everything that happens has to come from somewhere to be meaningful. From losing loved ones to falling in love to going to different schools to sitting and having a cup of coffee discussing the latest Wes Anderson film, we were meant to do it...

Otherwise, what's the point?


Anonymous said...

hey quick question..or comment really. I can't seem to get to your older posts or did u just start them in february? So i guess it was a question. And I really am fine, I promise promise. I'll see you soon.

Megan K.

the youthful boy below said...

my old posts were mostly angry and mad. I decided to take them out because that was not who i am anymore. I deleted them and am glad I did, since people started reading my blog. From now on I try to write things to either make the reader think, show off my latest art things (they make me happy), or just tell of some cool music i listened to. That's why i feel bad about writing the that whiny emo post. But in the end, i'm glad you cheered me up. That's why I am so glad you are fine and alright. Thanks again. Thanks. Hope to see you soon.