Monday, May 23, 2005

A short word on depression

You may laugh and think that i am kidding when i say I am depressed because in the past i have done a good job of hiding it really well. To tell the truth, depression is a horrible state of emotion. Knowing that there is nothing to be sad about and feeling like death is a good option is not what i'd like to feel like everyday. What is even worse, depression when there is something bothering you amplifies the worry even more. When it is something pretty big that is weighing down on you, your emotions really do get the best of you. Loneliness seems everlasting and no amount of company can cheer you up. No matter who is with you or what they say, nothing seems to snap you out of it. You feel like crying but the tears don't come. It is definately no laughing matter. I appreciate those who understand.

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john said...

I like you suffer from depression. I understansd. If it helps you to talk things out I am here for you anytime. To tell you the honest truth without you as a friend I would not be here today. You are such a cool guy and I thank God for our friendship! You may not realize it but you are one of the most influencial people in my life.
Thanks Jehu~
Your Friend,