Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Today has been a dreary day. The sky is grey, my heart is blue. The title of this blog is personified in today. I do not know what is causing this imbalance in me. Perhaps I slept too long. Perhaps I am afraid of what will happen tomorrow. Perhaps I am lonely and have been for too long. I look back and remember the times when I felt like this, but they are different than today. What is wrong? Sometimes this feeling comes on me telling me to run away and leave everything behind. What can I do? I don't feel threatened by the people or the circumstances. Why do I feel this way?


john said...

I don't know what all your going through...just know I'm here if you want to talk!

Anonymous said...

You could always be cheered up by the thought that 18 years ago today I was born into the world to meet you at a small little pizza place called Double Daves and that we would still be friends to this day.

Megan K.

the youthful boy below said...

Megan, that means alot to me. I have to admit you put me to shame. I have no reason to be sad at all. When I read you're comment I have to confess that I had tears in my eyes. I am really thankful and grateful that I know you. Perhaps I was put at the small pizza parlor when i was just for this moment, more than a year down the road, to be cheered up by you. I don't believe it was a cosmic coincidence. It really means alot to me.